Cluck, from Jungle Fowl to City Chicks

$ 25.00

©S.V. Medaris

Cluck, from Jungle Fowl to City Chicks

By Susan Troller • Art by S.V. Medaris  • full color

Want a book chock full of just about all of the chicken art S.V. Medaris has done from 2004-2011? Then this book is for you. Also, great writing by Susan Troller, and more (see publisher, below).

From publisher, Itchy Cat Press:

Here’s a funny, poignant, wry look at the backyard phenomenon of raising chickens for eggs, meat or just plain pets. Additional stories by Jane Hamilton, Michael Perry, and Ben Logan.

Also, read the wonderful write-up by Amy Stewart (of Wicked Bugs fame) at Kirkus Reviews

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