Limited Edition Alpaca T-shirts

$ 29.95

These Alpaca tees are a limited editon run of 100...that is, 100 tees total are printed in this design. When they're gone, they're gone. Individually block-printed by hand, with the Alpaca linocut on front of American Apparel tees (made in the USA folks!), with Market Weight Press logo on back.

Read about the making of this design, including the 6-color reduction print you see here.

THE DESIGN: Our neighbors at Galpaca Farm raise—you guessed it—alpacas. If you've never been around these creatures, they are very curious, gentle, beautiful and funny animals. They way they all turn and look at you when you walk into their pasture, well, they look kind of like aliens with their big, gorgeous, long-lashed eyes, incredibly long necks and upright, long ears, each head swivelling around and staring at you in unison. And that funny little humming sound they make... Actually, they way they look at me, I kind of feel like the alien....

THE FIT: There are 2 styles of shirt here, both American Apparel, so...Made in USA!:

The American Apparel Women's Track Shirt is the darker, heathered brown one—Tri-blend Coffee—with vintage styling and constructed of a Tri-Blend (Fabric weight: 3.9oz. • 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon •  Polyester retains shape and elasticity; Cotton lends both comfort and durability; addition of Rayon makes for a unique texture and drapes against the body for a slimming look • Durable rib neckband • Form-fitting). It really does have a beautiful drape and fit—quite flattering—and not too tight. If I could only have one t-shirt out of my whole insanely huge collection (the favorite tees that haven't been cut up to make quilts already) this would be the one. It's *that* nice. More info about Women's American Apparel Shirt sizing.

The Unisex Powerwash T-shirt in Pewter is a very soft cotton material (100% fine cotton jersey. Fabric weight 4.3 oz. An enzyme wash treatment that simulates 40 typical laundry cycles gives this garment a unique super-soft feel. This tee features a more open neckline and slightly looser fitting body than the American Apparel original 2001 T-shirt). Much nicer and slightly longer than the average t-shirt, and it's a thicker material than the Women's Track Shirt (more of a typical t-shirt thickness if that is your preference). The long shape is just perfect for this very long-necked Alpaca girl—she even fits on the Small size tee! Order a size or 2 up if you want the long-tee-with-leggings look (it's a very long shirt!). More info about Men's/Unisex American Apparel sizing.

Washing instructions: With block-printed apparel, the design will last longer if you turn the garment inside out before putting in the washing machine, and use cold water with mild detergent. Tumble dry low (or high if you want to shrink 100% cotton garments).

As with all of my woodcuts and linocuts, this is a hand-pulled print, meaning no two pieces are identical

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